The National Pier Society

The National Pier Society is dedicated to the celebration and preservation of seaside Piers around the coast of Britain. A pier is described as a raised walkway over water, and can vary from a small structure of only a few feet in length to a more complex structure reaching up to a mile in length. Piers have been built for various reasons, with some built to provide a ‘landing area’ for steamer boats allowing passengers to visit many different areas of the coast, whilst others were built for purely leisure purposes.

To quote the National Piers Society website, ‘The seaside piers around the coast of Britain stand as a powerful reminder of the achievements of Victorian engineers and entrepreneurs. At the turn of the last century, almost a hundred piers existed: now only half remain and several face an uncertain future.’ This is a sad situation for these beautiful structures. I joined the NPS around two years ago, and am pleased that my donation goes towards saving some of our seaside piers. By becoming a member I also receive a quarterly magazine full of pier information (yes, it isn’t the most well produced or glamorous magazine, but it is interesting nonetheless!).

Help save our piers at: .


One Response to “The National Pier Society”

  1. Sophie Olivia Says:

    Pier Phobia?! Pier Of The Year! This is incredible. Good job supporting the piers.

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