Stratford, East London

Since I have recently written a few items about the places that I grew up in, I thought that I should take a closer look at the place that I currently live in. Those who know me will be very aware of the fact that I have consistently mixed viewpoints on Stratford. I seem to feel very optimistic about it on one hand, but then almost detest it on the other. At the present moment, I am feeling very optimistic about it. I know that Stratford has a long history of problems, and that a quick fix is not necessarily going to sort those problems out, but I do think that the Olympics in 2012 will do a lot to improve the area.

I think that over the next two years, a lot is going to change in Stratford, and I feel excited that I will (hopefully) be able to see these changes and potentially document them. Recently, a mural of types has been erected around the base of the station with a lot of information and imagery of the proposed developments to the area surrounding the station. I have observed people taking time to stop and read this information whilst on their way home, or during their visit to the shops etc. This is a healthy sign that community is strong and well, and importantly, interested in the changes that will be occurring around them. One project that I think will be really interesting is the ‘Story of Stratford’ which is an initiative set up by Helen Marshall to involve children between the ages of 7-13 in depicting Stratford’s past, present and future. The images will then be exhibited in another mural within the city centre. I think that this is a great initiative, it helps community and also helps these children to see the positives in where they have come from.

As a starting point of my Stratford mini-project, I decided to photograph many of the abandoned industrial buildings that will soon be removed during the re-development. Of course, part of me is very sad to see the buildings in this manner, and very sad to see yet more signs of British industrial decline but I am glad that I have managed to capture these images whilst I can.

Have I rambled?


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