Design Classic: Poppy

A true design icon, 38 million poppies are made each year at the British Legion Poppy factory in Richmond, London, by a team of only 50 people. The poppy appeal has a higher profile than any other charity in the UK.

There is no official policy on how to wear a poppy, some believe it is customary for gentlemen to wear a poppy on the left hand side of their chest, for example in their buttonhole, and for ladies to wear a poppy on the right hand side of their chest.

The poppy is something that is now recognised worldwide, and shows us how such a simple, striking design can have such a large impact. I am intrigued as to who actually designed the poppy we wear today, but I am having difficulty in finding out. I have written to the Royal British Legion who organise the poppy appeal each year to try to find out more.


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