John Smedley Knitwear: It takes 50 people to make an icon

John Smedley Knitwear have now been operating for 225 years. It pleases me that those 225 years have been spent solely operating from Derbyshire, England.  I really admire that they have maintained their English heritage and remained true to their roots despite all of the technological innovations and cost-saving developments that have occurred within the East over the last few decades. I picked up the booklet shown below a few years ago, and it really struck a chord with me at the time as I felt that I got a real insight into the company, and how it works. The whole design and manufacture process is explained, with photographs of the actual buildings and machinery used to illustrate the facts. One thing that I found really interesting was the inclusion of ‘staff photographs’ on the back two pages. Under the heading ‘It Takes 50 People To Make An Icon’, each of the 50 members of staff are listed, with a photograph of each of them. Fantastically, the canteen staff are also listed here. For a company as successful and esteemed as John Smedley to honour their staff in this manner is really something special. It made me feel warm inside.

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  1. Adam Says:

    This is really nice, good work Mr W. Should you want to contribute to Manufacture & Industry ( some time do let me know, would be a pleasure to have you on board. AT

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