Railway Prints

I recently found a set of eight prints depicting various rail engines. I am not too sure of what era they originate from, but I was drawn to them because the renderings are so striking and realistic. In a time when a lot of graphic artwork is produced using a computer, I found it really refreshing to see something so strong drawn by the hand. I think it has also perhaps served as a reminder to me especially that the art of pen and paper should not be forgotten.

These prints were produced by a company called ‘Prescott-Pickup & Co. Ltd’ and from what I can gather, they were a British based company producing memorabilia cards of many sorts within areas such as English football, the Grand Prix and of course the railways.


2 Responses to “Railway Prints”

  1. norepli Says:

    The images are nice for a post card but they lack the realistic detail necessary to make them outstanding prints. Now, if you want to see some real detail, have a peek here: http://www.trainartworks.com/train_print_2.html

    • Isabella Pepper Says:

      I see your viewpoint, but I think that it is the stylised nature of them that appeals to me and makes them just that little different.

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