Stratfords’ Last Stand

Directly opposite my flat in Stratford is the one single building in the entire area that is derelict and abandoned. I find it strange that this building is still upright, as everything around it has been cleared/demolished in order to make way for all of the new Olympic-focused developments. I know that this building must have its days numbered, so I decided to take a look inside to document it for this reason. The building is directly on the edge of the canal, and there is only a small road separating it from my building so I think that the demolition process will have to be carefully considered to say the least.

I will really miss this building when it finally leaves us, I like to be faced with its decaying beauty everytime I leave my flat. It also has a fantastically flat rooftop, on which I would really like to paint or plan something before it is knocked down.


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