“Banksy vs Robbo”

Just before Christmas last year, ‘artist’ Banksy caused controversy along Regents Canal in London by painting over the work of another artist, known as Robbo. Fair enough, the world of graffiti brings with it one-upmanship and competition, but the piece in question defaced by Banksy had remained preserved since 1985, with Robbo widely acknowledged as one of the true pioneers of the London graffiti scene in the early 19080s. Needless to say this did not sit well amongst the graffiti community in general, and Robbo swiftly responded by adapting Banskys piece to once again stake claim to the area. The first picture below shows the original, the second Banky’s adaptation, then finally Robbo’s response. I’m not too sure of the motive behind Bansky doing this, but then again he is trying to promote his first cinema release..

I have not read anymore about this particular battle between the two writers, but today I spotted one of Banky’s famous rats along Farringdon Road in London, with a subtle new addition to it. See the fourth image below:


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