The Handlebar Moustache Club

Here is a little something that is very close to my heart, The Handlebar Moustache Club. Most people mistakenly think of a handlebar moustache as being one grown across the top off the lip and down past the corners of the mouth to the chin. A handlebar moustache is actually defined as “a hirsute appendage of the upper lip with graspable extremities”. I am officially a member of the club, after taking up the challenge of growing a handlebar moustache over the previous two years. In order to join, you must prove to the club that you in fact have a moustache with graspable extremities, by sending a photograph of your moustache in for vetting by the president of the club. Once approved, you get your certificate and personal club tie which is in a fetching claret colour with small cream moustaches woven all over it.

The Handlebar Club was founded in 1947 by comedian Jimmy Edwards, with the key objective being to bring together moustache wearers for sport and general conviviality. Beards are strictly prohibited. Today there are still only just over 100 members, but a large majority of them meet on the first Friday of each month at a pub called ‘The Windsor Castle’ in London. Sadly I never made it there whilst I had my handlebar – perhaps it would have been quite intense, with the only common bond being the moustache. However, I think that I could happily discuss moustache long into the small hours.

The Handlebar Club has a great community, with tips on waxing and maintainance of such a moustache. I can tell you now that a handlebar is no small undertaking. As well as constant trimming and shaping, the manner in which one confronts food and drink must be greatly adapted. Soup is indeed, a disaster. I averaged around 14cm tip to tip at my most extreme, but I felt a change was needed so it came off just before Christmas. She will rise again however, I have no doubt.

Here are some photographs from the Handlebar Club archives, as well as a very entertaining video from some of the key members. Enjoy.


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