Fairy Liquid 50th Anniversary

This year, Fairy celebrates its 50th Anniversary as a well-loved product in homes across the country. To coincide with this, they are re-launching their ‘original’ green variety to reflect one of the iconic white bottles used when the product was first introduced. In addition, Nanette Newman (star of the Fairy adverts in the 1980s) is also starring in a new advertisement to further celebrate the Anniversary.

From the official website:

“Do you remember the good old days when you used to wait patiently for Mum’s Fairy bottle to run out so you could make everything from rockets, to water squirters and spaceships? Everyone has a fond memory of the iconic white bottle: this much-loved part of Fairy’s history is coming back for a limited period to celebrate our 50th anniversary!”

Fairy Liquid is still produced by Procter and Gamble in Dartford, England.

Below is the new re-launched bottle, along with some of the packaging over the years (taken from my visit to The Museum of Brands & Packaging, Notting Hill) and finally the original, slightly stiff advertisement featuring Nanette Newman.


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