Anyone who has taken a train from London St Pancras since the year 2000 will undoubtedly have seen the letters TOX followed by two numbers sprayed around the walls and tunnels lining the railway. The two digits following the letters symbolise the year that the tags were sprayed up. I spotted some TOX ’10’s sprayed around on a recent journey, so I thought that I would try to find out a little more about the elusive TOX. It transpires that TOX is one of the most wanted graffitit writers around London and hated in general by Transport for London. He is held in high regard by the graffiti community, not due to the quality or intricacy of his tags, but the sheer volume of them along with his ability to seemingly get his name up in the most awkward of places.

Here are a few tags around the trainlines, along with a video (which is well worth watching) following Transport for London trying to pin TOX down and arrest him.


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