London Underground’s disused stations

Hywel Williams runs and updates the site, and it is basically a website devoted to all of the disused stations and forgotten areas of the London Underground. It seems that  is a little bit of am ‘enthusiast’ and he is highly devoted to finding and documenting all of these now unused spaces.  The website itself is fairly basic in build, but the content more than makes up for it. There is really too much to list here, but I would definitely recommend paying a visit – you would be amazed at how much of the tube network is now dormant.

One of the most interesting is a station known as ‘Down Street’, which was used by Winston Churchill in the late 1930s as a shelter during the war when he could not make it to The Cabinet War Rooms. Amazingly, Hywel Williams managed to embark on a guided tour of this station,  some images from his visit are shown below:


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