Public Houses

I am sure that most people are aware that the Public Houses of the United Kingdom are in a fairly devastating condition, with the rate of closure estimated at around 52 pubs a week.  According to The Times, the recession and cheaper drinks available elsewhere are the main factors:

“The biggest impact is the recession. There are fewer people out and fewer people spending money in pubs and bars. Pubs are diversifying but, unfortunately, if you are a community pub you can’t transform yourself into a trendy town centre bar.”

For me, Public Houses are such a huge part of British culture – although often replicated by other countries, nothing is quite the same as settling down in a countryside, locally run establishment with some local ales on tap. I came across  ‘English Country Pubs’ in a secondhand bookshop, and it really hit home to me just what we are going to eventually lose one day. This book was published in 1986, so I would imagine already that a lot of the houses featured here are already long gone.

I have selected a few of my personal favourites below.

‘The Smith’s Arms’, Dorset

‘The George Hotel’,  Somerset

‘The Old Mint’, Warwickshire

‘The George & Dragon’, Hampshire

‘The Swan’, West Sussex

‘The Victoria’, Gloucestershire

‘Tow Hill’, North Yorkshire

‘Cat & Fiddle’, Hampshire



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