Today I came across another brand specialising in the ‘workwear’ market, NORSEA Industries. I find it slightly frustrating at the moment as ‘workwear’ suddenly seems to be a popular ‘trend’, with high street labels such as Topman, H&M et al currently peddling out their own mass-market watered down version of what they think is ‘workwear’.

For me, the reason I have such an interest in garments of this type is because of the history and heritage associated with it all. The high street versions have no history or heritage, they are simply shapes designed to sell huge volume.

NORSEA Industries are based in the North of England, and are relatively new (established in January 2008). According to the website, they take inspiration ‘from the people and seascapes of the North Sea.’ They manufacture everything in the UK. Also from the website:

‘Clothes tell us a lot about the communities they originate from.Often specific to an area, village or even to an individual family, as is the case with the local Gansey sweaters. Each of the fishermen’s wives would knit the emblems of the specific family into the actual construction of the garment, so that if a fisherman was lost at sea and his body washed ashore, the man could still be identified by the patterns in his sweater. Cable stitch to represent the ships ropes and Herringbone pattern deriving from the bones of the herring catch. Local workwear and utility clothing are one of our main sources of inspiration.’

Not everything on the site is to my personal liking, but on the whole they seem to get it just right. Have a look at .



  1. Max Says:

    They have nothing to do with Norse projects do they? I think Norse is Danish. Very recommendable workwear/street wear brand.

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