Nigel Cabourn ‘Cameraman Jacket’

When I began writing this blog, one of my early posts was a brief profile of British-based designer Nigel Cabourn. I have been intrigued by his collections ever since as it felt like the product was of a much higher class than anything I had really seen, and the materials and build quality seemed to be outstanding. However, I couldn’t find many places that actually stocked the product, so I decided to order the ‘Cameraman Jacket’, study it and send it back.

I have to say that in all honesty I was quite disappointed. The aesthetic of the jacket was everything I could have hoped for, but the actual overall weight and feel just didn’t seem to justify the retail price of close to £700. The construction and detailing is all fantastic, but for me there is something lacking. I am taking this a valuable lesson for my future endeavours.


One Response to “Nigel Cabourn ‘Cameraman Jacket’”

  1. Bertrand Says:

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