Basic Shirt with Extra Pockets

I have made another shirt. For this, I used a dark blue heavy chambray material, and a deep Indigo topstitch thread. This is the first time that I have actually used topstitch thread as a feature on a garment. It’s strange – when I studied, I had a real aversion to any stitch showing on the outside of a garment – I thought that the sleek appearance was much more aesthetically pleasing. However, I am now so in love with stitch on the outside. For me, it really adds so much to the value of a garment, and showcases the craft of making a piece of clothing. This shirt includes a ‘pencil pocket’ – you just never know when you might need one.

As with all of these, this is basically just an experiment until I really truly find what I love, but the details and shapes are beginning to form in my mind. Not many photographs of this one, my camera is definitely on its last legs.

I also picked up this great piece from ‘The Garbstore’ at the weekend, which I think will quickly become a reference piece for me – I will add some pictures of the details soon.


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