“Chip Shop” Shirt

Recently, I was feeling a little worse for wear whilst at work one day, and my good friend Edmund came up with the brilliant idea of having Fish & Chips for lunchtime to soak up our wares. The chippy local to the office is ‘The Golden Fish Restaurant’, on Farringdon Road, London. Aside from the great (but not quite salty enough) chips, the man who served us wore this almost catering style shirt, in a heavy bright blue cotton twill (standard workwear blue). I have seen a lot of ‘tunic’ or ‘bib’ style shirts around at the moment, but this one had a clearly defined seam running across the chest, and one bold pocket. I fell in love with it, and felt that I had to have a go at re-creating it.

So, here it is below. I actually bought denim for the first time in around 7 years, as a practise, and again used a heavy contrast topstitch to really try to emphasise the ‘utility’ appearance of this garment. I wanted to look like your old woodwork teacher…

I found the denim really difficult to work with, and I think my machine had a bit of a work-out sewing over some of the double seams, but overall I’m quite happy with it. I added vents to the side seams at the hem, but I don’t think that I would do this if I made another – they are not really necessary and cause the sides of the garment to kick out slightly. I have a couple of photographs below, but one other important thing I can say about this garment is that hanger appeal is lacking somewhat. The pocket looks a little strange in the photograph, but it is actually just a plain rectangle. I also branched out and went crazy for short sleeves with this one. I quite like the contrast offered between the inner and outer colouring of the denim.

I am starting to get really excited about making clothes again, and next I have plans to draft up a good basic trouser shape. Following that I have plans for a jacket and also a bag….I just need some extra time!

Also, my view count has really increased recently on this blog, so just wanted to say thank you to anyone who may have take a minute to read my ramblings.


One Response to ““Chip Shop” Shirt”

  1. Julian Says:

    I’d be up for commissioning the manufacture of something relatively similar to this.
    Can we discuss?

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