Time With My Parents

I am currently back in the Midlands for a couple of days to rest after my operation, and I am truly valuing my time here with my family. Yesterday, we went to HOMEBASE to have a look for wallpaper as my parents’ are re-decorating their bedroom sometime later this year. The trip was quite fruitless, but afterwards we decided to have a drink at a pub that we used to visit when I was merely a young boy. We talked quite a lot about our plans for Christmas during this drink. The Old Miner has always wanted to try something different for Christmas, and perhaps have the family go away on some sort of break, but The Duchess has never been as keen, preferring to be around the home comforts for the festive season. After quite a debate, I think that this year could be the one in which we make the break and try something different.

Following this drink, we moved on to a second pub that my parents’ went to when they were younger, ‘The Otter’ in Kegworth. We ended up staying here for longer than expected, and talked about a great many things. It really humbles me to remember just where my parents’ came from. My Dad came from an almost farm-type environment. He didn’t have the luxury of an indoor toilet until the age of 14. His parents’ met as my Grandfather repaired tractors during the war, and my Grandmother was a land girl, remaining at home to maintain the farm. The Old Miner let on that he would love to know of the exchange between the two of them that led them to ultimately get married and live together. The Duchess told of how her Father would painstakingly craft items for her and her brother around Christmas time, if there wasn’t any money for presents. One year he created a type of doll’s house for her, completel with minature coat hangers and working drawers.

This is quite an odd post for this blog I think, but following everything that has happened, perhaps I am embracing my reflective mood and also realising that no matter what, I never want to forget where I have come from and that I never want to take these times for granted.


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