100 Years of Girl Guiding

A few weeks ago I posted about a forthcoming exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands, profiling 100 years of Girl Guides in London. Today I went to the exhibition – not because I really love the Girl Guides, more because I was interested to see the heritage behind it, and also because I wanted to have a look around the Museum of London Docklands.

The exhibition itself was rather small, but had a few interesting photographs and artefacts within. I think that I am drawn to the comrardery and companionship that comes with an organisation such as the Guides, and this probably relates back to my love for community etc.

I also got my free “limited edition” Guides badge for visiting the exhibition,which the member of staff was keen to point out that I shouldn’t really have as I am not a ‘member’, or indeed a girl. Some of the activities that the badges were awarded for in the early days are quite intriguing…


One Response to “100 Years of Girl Guiding”

  1. Bertrand Says:

    You might be interested in the Wandervogeln, 1910-1930 volkish anarchist version of the scouts, who have absolutely strange (if slightly less militarian) uniforms and traditions. I made my final project in first year on this theme.

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