BROOKS England, Ltd.

I recently decided to take the plunge and join the world of London Cycling. I made this bold move because I am about to relocate to a new flat in a months time, and it means that I will be a lot closer to my place of work. I can cycle, save money, and avoid the sardine tin that is the tube. So, expect some rather geeky cycling updates in the next few months as I build my bike up properly.

I opted for a BROOKS saddle for my bicycle as they are comfortable, have a very traditional aesthetic, and I know a few people who ride with them and swear by them. I didn’t really know too much about BROOKS as a company prior to getting the saddle, but it came accompanied by a beautiful envelope containing care instructions, my guarantee and a history of the company.

The BROOKS company began trading in 1866 producing horse harnesses amongst other leather goods. The story goes that John Boultbee Brooks, following the death of his horse, borrowed a friends bicycle in order to commute to work. However, he found the saddle so uncomfortable that he decided that something must be done. The new product was a huge success, and a new line of business opened up for Brooks and his company.

Below is what I received when I bought my saddle.


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