Handlebar Wrapping

As I wrote in the post below, I want my bicycle to be an ongoing project, that I develop as I learn more (and earn more..).

It’s fair to say that I was relatively unimpressed with the white handlebar grip tape supplied when I purchased the bicycle. I’ve only clocked up just a few hours riding, but already the tape is losing its comfort and has become almost compressed through normal use. I invested in something a little more heavy duty, and went for BROOKS (again) perforated leather tape. I didn’t know a single thing about handlebar wrapping, so I read up a little about it and got my head around the pitfalls before I started. Most articles advised starting at the bottom of the bars, and working up to the brake lever, but I couldn’t understand how you could finish with a neat straight edge coming off the diagonal of the wrap. Most of the people who did this seemed to end up finishing the wrap with insulation tape, but that seemed a little extreme, plus I think it ruins the finish.

So, below is how I got on. Not bad for a first attempt – there are definitely areas that I am unhappy with, but hopefully these won’t be that noticeable at passing glance. I wouldn’t recommend the BROOKS bar ends though – mine split when I tried to push them in. I also enlisted the help of “Brad Smith”, but I wouldn’t recommend him either.


2 Responses to “Handlebar Wrapping”

  1. rosie Says:

    you have the colourscheme of dreams

  2. John Liu Says:

    I suggest two champagne corks, suitably trimmed, as the bar ends. Because you get to drink the champagne.

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