Toe Clips

So, my bike project continues with a new set of pedals. I went for MXS pedals, on the recommendation of a friend – they’re fairly grippy, lightweight, reliable and they don’t cost the earth. The pedals that were supplied with my bike look a little like toy pedals; the casing around the spindle is plastic for one, and they didn’t offer much in the way of grip. The first photograph beneath shows the original. I also invested in some toe clips, again after speaking with a friend. London cycling is quite frantic at the quietest of times, and I want to make sure that I feel secure and in control on the roads at all time. Also, as I am riding fixed gear, I want to train myself to be able to use the gear as a method of controlling the bike in terms of speed, rather than just the actual brake and the toe clips will allow my feet enough support to be able to do that…hopefully. Now I just need to learn how to get my left foot in the clip when I move away from stationary. I cycled behind a guy on the way to work last week, and he had it down so well – one flick of the pedal and his foot was in – definitely jealous.

I chose metal clips with a brown leather trim to match my saddle and newly taped bars, and I think they really finish off the colour scheme of the bike. I also went for an almost matt grey for the outer of the pedals, rather than shiny silver as I am hoping they will disguise wear and tear a little better.


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