Cut it, Fold it, Build it with paper

This Sunday I went to visit the newly opened exhibition at the Victoria and Albert’s Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, revolving all around paper, and its use in modelling. The exhibition is the first public showing of Robert Freidus Collection of Architectural models, and I have to say, there are some real beauties. Although quaint in size, the display covers paper models produced for a huge variety of purposes. There are models used to celebrate famous buildings, to educate, to be used as toys for children along with models from all of the key producers of this type of product. The models are presented in both complete 3 Dimensional forms and also in their flat pre-cut forms – which for me, are just as interesting as the finished product. The whole of the exhibition is presented immaculately, with amazing attention to detail – even the place markers are miniature numbered houses.

Some of the models featured are incredibly intricate and must have taken many painstaking hours to create. There is also a small section showing a model partway through the build to help give some sort of indication of the process involved. I took photographs of nearly everything in there, but a small section are shown below. I really recommend having a look yourself, it is free to visit. I feel quite inspired to seek out some vintage model kits and have a go myself. I will post up the results if I have a steady enough hand.


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