The Green: Soccer Journal

I recently found out that a good friend of mine, James Roper, has entered the field of publishing with the launch of new ‘magazine’, The Green. Intended to take a look at the areas of football that are often overlooked in the general media, the pilot issue, “Issue Zero”, features an impressive list of contributors, some beautiful photography and interesting articles that even I as a non-football fan enjoyed reading. Within this issue there are interviews with Bryan Ferry (conducted by The Guardian’s Chief Sports Writer Richard Williams), a look at the history of classic table top game Subbuteo and a day in the life of super fan John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood.

I think that The Green has really hit the nail on the head here – it has managed to fill what appears to be a gap in the magazine market and offers something truly unique. In a nutshell it is a football magazine for the thinking man, covering more diverse areas than usual, but importantly never straying too far from the core values of the game.

Issue One is due for launch in November – currently the website features a neat holding video (below) to whet your appetite. I suggest checking this out if you can get hold of a copy.


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