During my second year of studying Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent, I undertook a module entitled ‘Commerce & Innovation’. We could choose from a range of briefs provided, or come up with our own.

I decided to embark upon my own personal project revolving around the design of clothing for disabled people, specifically arthritis. The project was something that is close to my heart as my Mother suffers from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a form of inflammatory arthritis. My project had a very specific aim at the heart of it – to provide clothing for people with arthritis that would be fashionable, comfortable , wearable and above all aid their lives. When beginning this project I was well aware that there are of course already products on the market that claim to do all of the above, however they seem to meet the criteria in terms of function, but completely fail in the actual aesthetic of the garments. The vast majority of ‘adaptive clothing’ is visually recognisable as being different to standard clothing, and to me this is so short-sighted as people with a condition such as arthritis would like to draw less attention to themselves, rather than more.

When I re-organised my portfolio last year, I decided to revisit my project and try to make it into something slightly more tangible. I created a separate booklet specifically for this project, decided upon a name and presented it as professionally as possible. The results are below. When I originally researched for this project I contacted many medical professionals for advice and opinions. I still intend one day to push this project further and hopefully result in actual garments that will serve the purposes I intend.


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