Plus Fours

I have had a little bit of a fascination with “Plus Fours” for a while now, but haven’t been able to convince myself to buy a pair in case it becomes some sort of horrible mistake. For the uninitiated, Plus Fours are a variation on ‘traditional’ knee pants, known as “knickers”, but they sit four inches below the knee, hence the nickname. Fastening with a tight band, the extra fabric bags over creating a loose-fitting casual style. Apparently, leg wear of this type was introduced during the early 1920s and became popular with sportsmen due to the freedom of movement offered. The golf world seems to have adopted Plus Fours as some sort of heritage piece, and I am sure that most people think of golf when they see an image of this type of trouser.

Anyway, I decided to convert a pair of trousers that I’ve had knocking around for a while into my own version of Plus Fours. The most tricky part was deciding on where to cut the trousers off in order to get the appropriate amount of fabric bagging over the band. Once cut, I pleated up the fabric evenly to a measurement matching the circumference of my leg just below the knee, and use the off cut fabric to create the cuff. I am giving them a test wear today. So far, they have passed the cycling commute test – I felt like a London bicycle courier with shorts and leggings combination. I may even have cycled slightly faster than usual. Now they have to go through the “day at the office test” and the “visit to the Post Office test”. Exciting.


2 Responses to “Plus Fours”

  1. Lorna Says:

    Tres smart and practical.. good work! x

  2. Little ma Says:

    They look amazing,very professional. Ishould think you are very pleased with them? Xxx

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