Rotary Watches

This Christmas I was very fortunate to receive a ‘Rotary’ watch from my parents. I feel that this is quite a significant gift, as I have a great love for timepieces, but have never been able to afford anything of any quality or that will have much longevity. In addition, my Dad is not really the type to accessorise let’s say, but one thing he does have a fondness for is a good watch. To me, this adds an intangible value to the watch, knowing that it was selected by my parents.

The watch itself is so elegant, with a dark brown leather strap and a cream-based face featuring an almost Deco patterning to it. The overall aesthetic is simple, and minimal – perfect.

A little information on Rotary Watches:

Rotary Watches were established in 1895 in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds. Within 12 years, the first British Rotary Office opened, to allow the import of the watches to Britain, and the now famous “winged-wheel” logo swiftly followed in 1925. In 1940, Rotary were appointed as the official watch supplier to the British Army. The company is now managed by Robert Dreyfuss, who is the Great Grandson of the original founder, Moise Dreyfuss.

Prior to this, I had been wearing a Smiths “Empire” watch (Made in Great Britain) from the 1960s. As you can see below, she is now looking a little worse for wear and anyone who has spent any quiet time with me will also attest to the fact that the wind-up mechanism produces the loudest ticking known to man.

I know that this new watch is something that I will truly cherish and last me for, hopefully, the rest of my life!


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