Billy Childish

Not a lot to say really, apart from the fact that I find Childish inspirational in so many aspects. I may not agree fully with 100% of his ideals, but I certainly have to admire a man living life as he wants, with little or no compromise to the modern world.

“Workwear / Heritage” before it even became a thought in Topshop’s mind…

The images directly above are taken from photographer Michael Grieves’ personal website.


3 Responses to “Billy Childish”

  1. Says:

    brilliant. in need of one of those balaclavas.

  2. Michael Grieve Says:

    you are using my portraits of billy childish without permission or even a credit and link to the source (my website). can you either take the image off or credit it and link it to

    • Isabella Pepper Says:

      Hi Michael

      Please accept my apologies for using these images without permission.

      I have updated the post and credited you – if you do want me to remove them then it is not a problem.



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