Snibston County Primary School: Revisited

When I first began writing this blog, I posted some photographs of the primary school that a lot of friends and I went to as it had closed down and fallen into a large state of disrepair. My original post can be seen here.

Recently, I had contact with local journalist Marc Johnson who wanted to write a short piece on the state of the school. His initial comments are below:

“My names Marc I’m a reporter at the Coalville Times newspaper. I’m not sure whether or not the subject of the email has given you any ideas what this is about, but I’ll try and explain.

There is a planning application to turn Snibston County Primary School into offices and given the state of the school at the minute I decided to contact the council to ask why it was allowed to become so run down. I googled the schools name just to see what popped up, and your blog entry from last year appeared.
You said you were a former pupil and I was just wondering if I could ask for a comment from yourself about what you thought when you saw it like that?”

I have posted a photograph of the resulting article below. I didn’t really make any sort of official ‘comment’ regarding the school, but Marc paraphrased some of what I said in my e-mails to him to create the article.
This weekend I returned home to visit the family and decided to stop by and take a few more photographs of the school to see what sort of state it is now in. Outside, there is a notice explaining that a Planning Application has indeed been placed to make the school into an office block, and that the actual details and application could be viewed online. Of course I did this, and the latest is that the application has been granted, so the school will become offices. However, looking over the plans, it appears that the outside / structure of the building will remain unchanged which I personally feel is excellent news as it hopefully means that the building will to an extent be saved and given a new lease of life. This is a much happier ending than the building simply being demolished which would have been very sad indeed.
It is easy to see just how much nature has reclaimed the building between the first set of photographs and the new ones below. For anyone who is interested, the Facebook Group can be joined here.

Existing Floor Plan

Proposed Floor Plan


2 Responses to “Snibston County Primary School: Revisited”

  1. Matthew Cooper Says:

    Hi, I and my 2 sisters and brother went to Snibston in the late 1970s and early 1980s when Mrs Lovell was the Head. A superb school. It is a shame to see it such a state.

  2. jan abbott Says:

    Hi is there any more news on what is to happen to Snibston ?I too am very saddened at the state of disrepair the lovely building has fallen into. I believe it was sold to Trent Education Trust but have been unable to contact them to ask them further of their intent.

    I live in Donington-Le-Heath an am a teacher. I see great potential for the site as some sort of community/educational project and would love to know if it is to be put on the market again or if I could contact the present owners to discuss the buildings future.

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