Car Boot Success

As I have been at home this weekend, I decided to take advantage of the fact that there are many cheap car boot sales around the area. It feels like I haven’t been to a car boot sale in years, whereas when I lived back here it was generally a weekly occurrence.

I managed to pick up some old photograph albums for £3 a piece (in London I have looked at similar items and they prefer to charge ‘by the photograph’), a small notebook from the early 1900s which has many blank pages in (definitely going to use this) and some “sleeve braces” unworn in the original box. I also snapped up the hilarious ‘penny farthing’ wall hanging which features both an old penny and a farthing mounted in it, for the princely sum of 50p.

The albums are pretty amazing – I am really intrigued as to who the people in them are, and what they are doing (particularly in the first album – so many white, casual suits).


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