Car Boot Success [2]

I visited the Midlands again this weekend as it was my Birthday and it has been a while since I have seen my family etc. In keeping with tradition, The Duchess and I took a trip to the local Car Boot Sale to see what we could get our hands on. As always, it turned out to be quite a fruitful trip, as we returned with books, accessories and general clutter. The images below show what we found.

John Player Cigarette Cards: Film Stars Series One & Three [undated]

When I was a little younger, my Granddad gave me a collection of Cigar cards he had collected whilst Landlord of a pub. I swiftly got my Crayola crayons out and set about defacing them, much to everyone’s dismay [including my own many years later]. These complete collections below will be taken much better care of.

Check out Ralph Lynn – what a gent!

Swimming: Short & Long Distance by Jabez Wolffe [undated]

I used to be a keen swimmer as an adolescent, but one day gave it all up [I am still unsure as to why…]. This book is absolute genius, or rather Jabez Wolffe is; sample quote, “I have often been asked if it is possible to learn to swim on dry land. Certainly it is, though there are many drawbacks not encountered in the water. For instance, if you lie full length on the carpet you cannot get quite the proper kick for the legs, which (in the water) must be somewhat downwards. I have known people lie across a chair or a hassock, but I cannot believe that this can be good for the digestive organs.” Amazing.

Bowling by M S Nichols [Blackie’s Sports Series, 1937]

Continuing the sporting theme, I also picked up this highly informative book on bowling (in the Cricket sense of the word). I do not have a particular interest in Cricket, but I was drawn to the aesthetics and layout of this book. In each of the four corners, there is a small thumbnail photograph of a man bowling. When the book is flicked through quickly (in flick-book manner) the images become a film illustrating the bowls described in the text. Clever.

Vintage Spectacles [undated]

I purchased these purely out of interest of the materials and the shape of them. I have a feeling that they are late 1950s / early 1960s [but don’t quote me on that] – they look like a series of NHS type spectacles known as ‘Panto’ style frames. Panto comes from the term Pantoscopic which means seeing everything, or wide view. The hinges look like they are hand made to me, which is quite interesting to see on a pair of frames like this. The base [curve of the frame] it also pretty amazing – completely the opposite way to how most conventional frames curve today.

Keep an eye out for something similar in next years Burberry Optical range [maybe..!]

Stationary Tidy [undated]

If this were made in the UK, it would be sheer perfection in my opinion. However, it is still pretty fantastic! A series of small matchbox-like structures containing all those essential elements needed for the successful running of a day-to-day office space. And better still, all the original elements are still in the boxes. I have no idea how they have not disappeared with time, but this will certainly be a useful addition to my desk.

Tie pins / Brooches

My collection of tie pins has rapidly diminished recently as I seem to keep losing them somehow…but I found a few today which will do nicely for the time being. The slimmer piece also has a chain detail which is something I have never had before, so pretty exciting eh!? I chose the brooches as I am always drawn to umbrellas in any form, and I am hoping to marry someone called Priscilla.


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