It gives me great pleasure to be able to [finally] share some information regarding the debut collection from newly established womenswear label MASC. The project is something very dear to me as it is the fruit of the labour from life and business partners Duncan Shaw and Belinda Yick, whom I would say are amongst my most loved people in the world.

The collection has been under wraps over the last year whilst brand DNA was established, business plans formulated and ultimately the garments themselves took shape. I knew that the end product would be of the highest calibre, but I have to say now that I have seen the brand come together as a whole, it surpasses even my expectations.

It has been great to be involved with the project from the start, and really watch it grow and became a ‘real’ fashion brand. I am full of admiration for Duncan and Belinda and it has been great to watch them pool their resources from around them and really submit themselves to something they truly believe in.

Selected to show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during Fashion Week, the MASC team will be there until September 20th and I highly recommend taking the time to go and see what they have achieved whilst they are still on such a small scale.

More information can be found at


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