Olympic Site April 2012

Almost two years ago, I uploaded a few photographs of the Olympic [building] site in the post here. Yesterday, I cycled back along the Greenway to see how things have changed – it is only around two months until the Olympics actually begin. Thankfully, things seem to have moved on a huge amount – the area around the stadium is starting to get ‘cleaned up’ with real roads and openings around it. The athletics tracks are now laid, marked and turfed which is quite amazing to see as last time I came here this was just a wasteland. The Ron Arad sculpture looks like it is near completion and looks to have a viewing tower at the top which will I imagine would give an unrivalled view of the stadium interior and the surrounding area.

The Greenway was full of various groups of people from various countries taking guided tours of the area, along with numerous tour buses circling around. I take this as a taster of how London will be with the imminent descent of thousands of extra people to the area.

I have posted the photographs I took below – if you click on the panoramic images, they should open into a larger view.


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