Darren Hayman: LIDO

It’s a long time since I posted anything here [work has kept me endlessly busy over the last few months] but I do have a few things on the back burner that I would like to write about once I get some downtime. In the meantime I felt compelled to post up a little something about the latest album by Darren Hayman, LIDO. I had read a few snippets about this album, and not being too familiar with Hayman’s previous efforts [as the frontman of Hefner], I was seduced by the thoughts behind it and the care and effort that had gone into the overall package.

Yes, the album IS about a selection of open air swimming pools in the UK, with each track being an instrumental form of dedication.. Alongside this, Hayman has also produced hand-drawn illustrations to accompany each song, depicting each of the pools in question. The whole thing is packaged beautifully in a cardboard sleeve designed by and featuring cover art from Frances Castle. If this is the way that musicians have to lure us into buying physical product in the age of the digital, then I am certainly all for it.

Darren has also been writing and accompanying blog, which can be found here.

Now, I should go and give it a listen…


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